Private Jet Charter in Naples, FL


There are events in life that are unique and stand out from the day-to-day routine. To acknowledge them and make them uniquely special, book a private jet for your personal travel needs.

Air Trek’s Luxury Travel Concierge will make any and all arrangements desired including resorts, limos, wine and chocolate, excursions and any additional special requirements you may have.

Air Trek's Travel Packages

Key West Fishing Adventure

Florida Keys Getaway

Kentucky Distillery Tours

Snowbird Charters

When you fly with Air Trek, you should expect nothing but the best! Are you, your family, or friends are looking for a way to get back to your summer home up north without having to deal with the hassles and indignations that come along with flying commercial? All you have to do is make a call to Air Trek to see what we can do for you. We can fly you home in no time with very little effort on your part. You simply tell us what day and time you would like to travel and an aircraft will be reserved and prepared just for you. Requests may be made for specific items to be on board the aircraft and everything will be in place when you arrive to board your plane. When you arrive at the airport, you will be escorted directly to your aircraft without having to wait in a single line. Your bags will be secure and are sure to arrive at your destination with you (no more lost luggage!). When you board the aircraft, you will see that all of your requests have been met and that every snack, beverage, blanket, pet treat, etc. that you asked for has been provided as promised.

Make yourself at home in the aircraft (after all it is your private jet), and before you know it you will have arrived at your destination. As you deplane the aircraft, we can arrange for a limo to be on the ramp waiting to take you to your home.

What more could you ask for?
Give us a call today to schedule you next flight and discover that once you travel in style and comfort you will not want it any other way! When Air trek takes care of everything for you, traveling is a breeze!

Vacation Charters

Enjoy Air Trek’s charter services for you next family vacation. Whether you’re going to a ski resort or a tropical island, Air Trek will make sure you have everything you need.

Are you in search of an exciting vacation destination for you and your friends?

A romantic weekend getaway for two?

A great place for a family vacation?

Air Trek offers several hassle-free flight options for getting you to your destination, including our Pressurized Twin Engine Aircraft, Cessna Citation I Jet, Citation Eagle, and our newest addition, an Ultimate Luxury Citation VII Jet.

Family Charters

You just received news that your first grandchild has been born and you can’t wait to hold the bundle of joy yourself. Air Trek will get you there fast and safe so you can enjoy being a grandparent.

Shopping Charters

It’s finally the time for your yearly international shopping trip and Air Trek will make it as beautiful as the new shoes you just purchased.

Travel in style in one of Air Trek’s luxury jets and have
everything taken care of door to door by our luxury concierge service!

Sports Game Charters

Your son that’s headed off to college in a few weeks has been talking about being in the front row of a basketball game and you just purchased those once-in-a-lifetime seats for the both of you.

Air Trek is your ticket to some of the most well-known events in the world of sports. Our concierge service will set up everything including tickets, transportation, accommodations, and anything else you desire. All you have to do is make the call and Air Trek will take you there!

Golf Outing Charters

Maybe it’s been 5 years since you’ve last seen your best friend from college and it’s time for a round of golf again like you used to do.

With Air Trek you are only a chip shot away from the Masters at the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, GA.