Air Trek, Incorporated – One of the nation’s most successful private jet fleets is right here at PGD.

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When you consider all the extreme inconveniences of commercial air travel today, it makes you wonder, is there an alternative? The answer is yes, there is.

Right here in Charlotte County is one of the nation’s most accomplished and successful private aviation businesses. For almost 35 years, one local aviation-bred family has provided private aviation services to clients of all types in and around the Charlotte Harbor area as well as from around the world.

Beginning with a single Cessna almost four decades ago, Air Trek has grown to a family of 40 employees with an executive-class fleet of jets and twin prop aircraft that provide worldwide executive charter service and worldwide air ambulance services from right here at the Punta Gorda Airport (PGD).

Air Trek’s FM Air Carrier Certificate allows the company to operate within the entire western hemisphere; worldwide service is provided through strategic partnerships with air carriers throughout the world. In addition to providing the highest levels of quality luxury air travel for its customers, the staff at Air Trek also offers full concierge services, including coordinating ground transportation before and after air travel, hotel and resort booking, and event ticketing.

Additionally, Air Trek Air Ambulance is one of the nation’s oldest and most well respected air ambulance services. It is a full-service, 24/7 air ambulance and commercial repatriation service, fully licensed by State of Florida Department of Health. The aeromedical staff consists of emergency physicians, critical care registered nurses, flight paramedics, and registered respiratory therapists who have received specialized training in aeromedical care, aircraft safety, and aviation physiology.

Air Trek also offers a commercial airline MedAssist program for stable patients who do not require specialized air ambulance services. As part of this program, aeromedically trained medical personnel accompany and care for patients aboard international and long-distance commercial airline flights. The MedAssist program is ideal for patients who have trouble walking, are wheelchair bound or physically challenged in any way, as well as patients with Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes or spinal cord injuries.

Long time local residents and brothers Wayne and Dana Carr own and operate the business. Wayne serves as President/ CEO and chief pilot, overseeing pilot recruitment, training and company certification, while Dana serves as Vice President and Director of Operations, managing all aspects of daily operation and logistics as well as fleet oversight. A true family operation, they are joined by their brother Lester, who became Director of Maintenance after retiring from a 20-year career with the United States Air Force, as well as Wayne’s son Aaron, who serves as Chief Financial Officer.

On the medical end, Dr. Paige Kreegel serves as Medical Director, overseeing an entire staff of flying doctors, nurses, paramedics, and respiratory therapists providing all levels of acute and sub-acute medical care, including advanced life support.

Air_Trek_Profil-001A hands-on family business, they were virtually flattened when Category 4 Hurricane Charley blew straight through the airport in 2004, wreaking total devastation to their offices, hangers and aircraft. Since then, the company has completely rebuilt and are now bigger and better than ever, as is the local airport they call home.

“PGD boasts amenities that literally put the world at our doorstep,” Dana said. What was once just a small hometown airport is now a bustling hub of constant motion with an infrastructure that puts the facility on par with any airport anywhere as far as private jet traffic is concerned. Plus, he added, “There is plenty of room to grow. PGD’s brand new Air Traffic Control Tower is a solid economic indicator that private air travel is sure to grow here.”

So what is the secret to the Carr brothers’ success? A commitment to the absolute highest standards and highest levels of client service possible. That philosophy has helped sustain their business for the past 34 years.

Their primary business has been the medical “air-ambulance” side, and the company continues to dominate that industry sector; however, with the world getting smaller and smaller, and the need and desire to travel hassle-free growing exponentially, the brothers are now tooling the business to cater to more executive-level clientele, providing complete concierge-level service.

And it doesn’t stop there. Dana, in particular, has been deeply involved at the national level, working alongside governmental and private agencies to ramp-up the level and quality of care standards for the medical aviation business. It’s a totally different environment at 30,000 feet and calls for a level of expertise rarely found in today’s corporate sector.

With business becoming more global, and Southwest Florida attracting a large number of international residents, the need for concierge-level air travel has already been established; the Carr brothers are simply replicating their success by using the same formula they have thrived upon for years, which is to focus on being the very best possible.

Their fleet includes six aircraft owned and expertly maintained by the business. They include several state-of-the-art air charter ambulances, a Westwind II, Cessna Citation 1 and 11 jets, and a Cessna 414 twin prop. Air Trek provides air charter services to clients travelling anywhere. More than 4,000 airports worldwide could become your private landing strip with Air Trek.