Punta Gorda Airport growing with help of non airline businesses


Air Trek Serves Up Luxury Private Air Travel

Air Trek Serves Up Luxury Private Air Travel

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Air Trek, Inc. has been a Carr family business since 1978 and built from a shared passion for flying. Brothers Wayne, Dana and Lester have grown one of the nation’s premier air ambulance and private aircraft charter services with a special touch in helping people travel for business or pleasure with ease. (more…)

Soaring to Success on a Passion for Flying

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Luckily for the Carr family business – Air Trek Inc. – when Wayne Carr’s father warned him many years ago, “You’re going to get killed in those airplanes,” Wayne chose to ignore the warning, he told us, chuckling at the memory. This ominous forecast from his father took place one Saturday morning when Wayne announced that he was going to learn how to fly. His father was not a pilot and never flew a plane; obviously he was worried about his son. Despite his father’s words, the 18-year-old, who worked for his father’s mechanics business in Langhorne, Pa., went to a local airport near Philadelphia International and took his very first flying lesson. And he’s never looked back or regretted his decision. “But I keep in mind what my dad said, and every time I get into a plane I say, ‘Not today, Dad,’” Wayne related. (more…)

NBAA Wayne Carr Pilot Safety Award

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Air Trek’s President/CEO and Chief Pilot, Wayne A. Carr, Receives the National Business Aviation Association’s Pilot Safety Award

Air Trek, one of the Nation’s oldest Air Ambulance services, is pleased to announce that its President/CEO and Chief Pilot, Wayne A. Carr, has received the National Business Aviation Association’s (NBAA) Pilot Safety Award for the year of 2012. Wayne received the award for operating business aircraft for a total of 19,000 or more consecutive hours without an accident involving damage to property or injury to persons. (more…)

Air Trek: Providing air ambulance and charter service for 36 years

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At 36 years old, Air Trek is the oldest business at Punta Gorda Airport. But, oh, how it has grown.

“When we started, it was just my brother Wayne and me,” said Dana Carr, co-owner and director of operations, who spoke with us for this report. (more…)

Nice and easy does it when traveling by air

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As people age, many elders feel uncertain about travel. Often anxious about dealing with the hustle and bustle associated with today’s airports and airline travel, many decline attending family gatherings for the security of home.

Travel by AirEven for the most seasoned frequent flier, airline travel can be a daunting task. Long lines for check in, luggage handling, TSA screening and the boarding process can be all too much for the elderly.

Taking the “nice and easy” approach will help you through and allow you to enjoy the travel experience. Just like the captain, plan your flight. Some tips: (more…)

Flying: It’s a family affair at Air Trek

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As Air Trek Inc. celebrates its 35th year of providing air ambulance and private jet aircraft charter service, brothers Dana, Lester and Wayne Carr reminisce over 31⁄2 decades in aviation. The word “trek” is defined as a long and never-ending journey. Our journey officially began, Oct. 16, 1978, with the incorporation of Air Trek Inc.

This is our story. Some kids dream of flying. For some it is the fantasy of flight, but for a special few, flying becomes a passion. My brother, Wayne Carr, happens to be one of the latter. As a kid, Wayne dreamed of becoming a pilot. As a teen, flying became his passion. (more…)

Air Trek, Incorporated – One of the nation’s most successful private jet fleets is right here at PGD.

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When you consider all the extreme inconveniences of commercial air travel today, it makes you wonder, is there an alternative? The answer is yes, there is.

Right here in Charlotte County is one of the nation’s most accomplished and successful private aviation businesses. For almost 35 years, one local aviation-bred family has provided private aviation services to clients of all types in and around the Charlotte Harbor area as well as from around the world. (more…)