If you are planning on taking your pet with you on your next trip, a private jet Charter may be the best way to go.

When thinking of taking your pet with you on a commercial airline, there are many things you should consider before doing so. First of all, if your special companion is over 20 pounds, most airlines will have you check them in, and place them with the luggage in the cargo hold. Secondly, a recent government release says that breeds with short snouts (bulldogs, pugs, Shih-Tzus, Persian cats, boxers, etc.) have a very hard time traveling with cargo on commercial airlines. This is because the temperatures can get fairly high making it hard for these breeds to breathe. Additionally, you will not be able to monitor your pets comfort and whereabouts during the flight.


The good news is… when you fly with Air Trek, ALL of these problems can be avoided!


With Air Trek, you can rest assured knowing that your pet will receive the same level of care and attention that you do (which includes a specially prepared Air Trek Pet Amenity Bag!). Many people are deciding to fly on a private aircraft not only for the convenience, security, and comfort provided, but because your furry friend will remain with you the entire time allowing you to make sure that they are safe and sound by your side. This can reduce the stress on both you and your pet giving you peace of mind in knowing that they are relaxed and calm right by your side. Also, when flying private there are no restrictions on the size or the breed of the animal.


Pets travel on private jets more than you may think. In fact, Air Trek has been a part of flying prized show dogs, a Russian Wolfhound, cats, and even lemurs in our aircraft! Nothing beats the comfort of knowing that your pet is relaxed, comfortable and in the best of hands during your travels. With this in mind… let Air Trek take you and your pet on your next journey. After all, PETS ARE PART OF THE FAMILY TOO!


Recommended (but not required) Pet Travel Checklist*:


  • Ensure your pet is in good physical health before you travel
  • Check proper pet vaccinations (esp. rabies)/documentation
  • Make sure you have enough of your pets prescriptions
  • Update pet health certificate and bring a copy (not needed stateside)
  • Make sure collar tags, or micro-chip ID have current information
  • Identify a good local vet and emergency vet at your destination
  • If going to a hotel, be sure to verify that they are pet friendly
  • Bring food/treats if on a special diet

*If you have additional questions about restrictions, especially in regards to traveling internationally with your pet… Please Call 1-800-AIR-TREK (800-247-8735) for further information.