THE PROCESS – Private or Business Jet Charters

What to expect when booking private or business jet charters.

  • Call the Flight Coordinator for quote
  • Receive quote via phone, fax, or E-Mail
  • Review quote with the client
  • Confirm flight with Flight Coordinator
  • The Flight Coordinator will then notify the
    Chief Pilot & Director of Operations


Lead Pilot: Flight Coordinator:
Alert Captain and Co-Captain.
Obtain updated weather briefing. Make ground transportation arrangements.
Make all customs arrangements. Complete all financial matters.
File a flight plan, customs arrangements, etc. Arrange hotel, resorts, tour packages, event tickets, etc.



  • The client and guests are transported to the airport.
  • The client, guests and belongings board the aircraft.
  • The Flight Team remains in contact with the Flight Coordinator throughout the flight and updates any ground transportation and client.
  • In most cases, the Limo or ground transportation can drive directly to the aircraft.
  • Private Air Travel allows for more direct routing, little or no hassle with TSA and NO LINES!!